A Countess in Limbo


Just in time for the holidays, “A Countess In Limbo” is now available on Amazon and Archway Publishing as an e-book. Also in hardcover and paperback as well.

Fantastic News

My book “The Countess In Limbo” won the book to film Pitchfest in Los Angeles. Over 100 authors participated. This does not necessarily mean that the book will be made into a film…but there is a chance. Winning gave me the opportunity to have a Skype pitch to Golden Globe winner Cathy Conrad.


The Pitchfest in Hollywood was a success! There were over 100 participants pitching to movie representatives. My book, A Countess In Limbo WON! Let`s hope that this translates into a movie!


Over 100 authors took part in the November 2016 Pitchfest in Hollywood. Pleased that my book “A Countess In Limbo” won the Pitchfest. I had the most requests for the book. Let`s hope that this will translate into a movie someday.