A Countess in Limbo

1958 photo for a Calgary Herald article shows Sue Carscallen’s Grandmother

The Canadian side of the family loved books .

Calgary Women's Literary Club

1958 Photo of Calgary Women's Literary Club members 50 Years Ago members of the Calgary Women’s Literary Club petitioned for Calgary’s first Library

To put our Calgary Women’s Literary Club’s longevity into perspective, current member Sue Carscallen shared this 1958 photo from her Grandmother’s collection. On the back are these words:

Members of the Calgary Women’s Literary Club which 50 years ago sent its members out to petition for a library met for the last time Tuesday in the Lecture Hall of the Memorial Park Library after 46 years of weekly sessions in the Library they founded. Pictured are long time members Mrs. S.N. Carscallen (Honorary Life Member), Mrs. Olmstead (President) and Mrs. Mayhood. They are holding a plaque which is inscribed in memory of Annie Davidson who was instrumental in founding the Carnegie Library in Calgary.

From Calgary Herald

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